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Favourite Podcasts: Craft and Girl Boss Inspirational Podcasts for Beauxoxo

 A little while ago now I posted all about the music I play whilst making my hair accessories at Beauxoxo, and today I'm sharing my favourite podcasts featuring incredible craft and girl boss inspiration! Podcasts are my new favourite thing to listen to getting ready in the morning and I prefer it these days to the radio or watching TV. They provide the ultimate inspiration at the start of my day and I hope you love them just as much as I do!

the fringe of it olivia purvis

The Fringe Of It

One of my favourite bloggers in the whole world Olivia Purvis from 'What Olivia Did' (who I've had the joy of working with for Beauxoxo!) has joined forces with the loveliest, most inspiring Charlotte Jacklin from Betty Magazine to create a weekly podcast all about navigating their way through millennial life, and laughing a lot in between. Both ladies are such beautiful personalities inside and out and this is such a special way to engage with their content on a more intimate level.

Listen right here.

ctrl alt deleteCtrl, Alt, Delete Podcast 

Emma Gannon, aka one of my biggest online inspirations, was the very first podcast I listened to called 'Ctrl Alt Delete' after her bestselling book. In her podcasts, she chats to her guests about their relationship with the Internet which has had well over a million downloads since the launch which is simply mind-blowing! It has been recommended by The TimesELLEMarie ClaireRed Magazine and so many more. And her superstar guests so far have included Lena Dunham, Gillian Anderson, Elizabeth Gilbert, Zoella and loads more. This really is the best podcast to get seriously inspired by the wonders of the internet and I so highly recommend making it part of your week! 

Listen right here. 

the marie forleo podcast

The Marie Forleo Podcast

I truly mean it when I say that Marie Forleo changed my life. She is one of the most inspirational ladies I have ever come across and her mentoring both personally and through her business advice have helped me over the years to make me who I am. If you have a small business like me, or if you dream or launching something, no matter what that thing is, Marie is the best mentor ever. I couldn't recommend her blog, her Youtube channel and of course her Podcast

Listen right here.

launch grow joy podcast andreea ayers

Launch Grow Joy

When I first started my business I enrolled in 'Launch Grow Joy' by Andreea Ayers who used to own a T-Shirt business and it was the best decision I have ever made! Andreea has some of the best advice on the internet for product-based businesses and her podcast is fantastic for re-visiting a lot of the topics she discusses on her blog in more detail. If you're a fellow small business girl like me with your own business, this is one you will love.

Listen right here. 

etsy success podcast

Etsy Success

It's all because of Etsy that I am here today typing away, making my dreams happen! So often I am asked how I started my business and well, it's all thanks to discovering Etsy! I was a very bored music student in my University library and set up my account on a whim but here I am! Etsy is still one of my favourite platforms to sell on (head here to shop my designs on Etsy!) and I'm so happy they have a podcast sharing advice that's relevant for all fellow small business girls and it's approached in a really accessible, relaxed way. 

Listen right here.

thrive by design podcast

Thrive By Design

 If you loved 'Launch Grow Joy' above you'll also love Thrive By Design created by Tracy Matthews, a successful, bespoke fine jewellery designer and the co-founder and CEO of Flourish & Thrive Academy. Thrive by Design was developed to support designers and makers with business, marketing and lifestyle strategies to help them reach the full potential of their brand. So in this podcast, Tracy shares her experiences, success and failures of building a successful jewellery brand as well as interviewing many other inspirational business inspirations. This is again another hugely inspiring listen and Tracy truly knows what she is on about to make your business a huge success!

Listen right here.


I hope you've enjoyed reading this post about my favourite podcasts. I'd love to know if anyone mentioned here is a favourite of yours too. Are you also a fan of podcasts? If so, who do you love? Let me know below please!


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