Friday Favourites #9

So last week it went from winter to summer in the UK with gorgeous sunny temperatures but as I'm writing this it's just rained all day long. Welcome to a spring day in the UK! So here's a few things that have cheered me up this Friday. 

Favourite Blogger: Louise Pando
Louise Pando

I’ve had the true honour of meeting and working with Louise as a model for my beret collection in Paris and she’s without a doubt one of my favourite French bloggers! Her style is so stunning and her photography is exquisite. Here she is styling the red Parisian beret in this gorgeous shoot and I’m just so blessed I have the opportunity to meet and work with people like Louise!

Favourite Jewellery: Roses and Whiskey

roses and whiskey jewellery

One of my favourites humans in the world Jess has recently launched her crystal jewellery line and I am the proudest friend in the whole entire world! Jess is truly the diamond of friends  and she inspires me to be a better more confident person every day. I’m so happy she’s released this project she has worked on for so long. Expect lots of styling inspiration with Beauxoxo once I get my hands on one of her gorgeous necklaces! Shop the line right here.

Favourite Food: Milk Train Cafe

milk train cafe

For the dreamiest, most Instagrammable ice cream known to land head down to Milk Train Cafe in Covent Garden for this spectacular candy floss, rose milk ice cream delight! Follow their Instagram here

Favourite Dresses: Gal Meets Glam

gal meets glam ellie
One of my favourite bloggers of all time, Julia Hengel aka Gal Meets Glam, recently released her long-awaited collection of dresses and they are complete and utter perfection! I want every single dress in all the colours and Julia has done the most incredible job! How dreamy is this adorable Ellie smock bow dress for spring days? Shop the whole collection here


I hope you’ve enjoyed some of my Friday Favourite this week! What are you loving? Let me know below! xoxo

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