Happy New Year love Beauxoxo

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To those in faraway lands who are already in 2019: happy new year to you all beautiful friends! And to those a few hours away like the U.K. also the happiest New Years.

As I always, always say, but can never say enough: THANK YOU! Thank you just so very much from the bottom of my heart. I truly want to express how much your support means to me. I cannot believe how lucky I am to have you all in my life and supporting this journey I am on. Your most heartwarming messages here, there and everywhere just mean the world and beyond to me. There will never be words that fully sum up just how thankful I am. You have no idea how much your kindness brightens my day. My thankfulness is perpetual and your support, encouragement, and friendship is everything.

And so I am wishing every single one of you a 2019 filled with magic, dreams and joy. I hope somewhere in the next year you surprise yourself in what you can achieve.

Have a wonderful evening seeing in the New Year whatever your plans are, or whatever they were for my International friends! Thank you so, so much again 💖✨


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