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The History of Turbans

The history of Turbans 

Have you ever sat there and thought where did this turban on my head originate from? Well I have the answer for you here.

Turbans date back to 2350 B.C.E, where the earliest evidence of turban was seen in the Mesopotamia region. The turban was originally worn by royalty and spiritual leaders who jazzed their Turban up to represent their wealth.

Turbans have been significant parts of religions and different cultures in the middle east/Asia. We still see them in use in Persia, Turkey, India and parts of Africa.

 Believe it or not colours make such a huge difference in turbans to certain cultures. In the Muslim culture white turbans are seento be the holiest colour as it presents purity. In the Sikh culture blue and white turbans are essentially used for religious reasons. In the middle east the green turban is seen to be the colour of paradise.

No when did they become so fashionable? Well, Europeans introduced the Turban as fashionable wear in the early 15th century which continued into the 16th century. The headwear became super fashionable in the 21st century as fashion designers started to tweak the turban enabling it to look chic.


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