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Beauxoxo Look Books

My favourite part of Beauxoxo is first and foremost, designing and making my hair accessories. From here follows my second favourite part: dreaming up my photo shoot to showcase my creations! Ever since Beauxoxo started in 2010 I have been very fortunate and blessed to work with an incredibly talented team of photographers, models and make up artists. Here, I am showcasing all of my look books that I have created with the inspiration behind each. Though some styles may sadly not be around anymore, I have left links to similar designs. Please also check out my favourite teams:


Kitty Gallannaugh, Tom Simmonds, Kaja Jangaard, Ingela Furustig, Ailera Stone, Hanna Kristina, Rebecca Palmer, Kane Longden, Ingrid Wang, Chloe Beddoes.


Stephanie Linda, Velvet Jade, Nyane Lebajoa, Dunya Kamal, Vanessa Tait, Beth Lucy Thompson, Abigail Tara- Lily, Olivia Purvis, Arabella Golby, Paige Calvert, Helen, Emily Divine, Shelby Bourke, Libby Gallannaugh, Georgia Littlefair, Maria Dagyte, Katie Janey, Lucy Tranter-Wissemann, Fruit Salad Girl.

Make Up Artists:

Naomi Lake, Chloe Edwards, Zara RK, Nicole Taylor, Erin Kristensen. 

Spring/Summer 2012 Collection (Click to view)

Autumn/Winter 2012
Autumn/Winter 2012 Part 2
Autumn/Winter 2012 Part 3
Autumn/Winter 2012 Part 4
Spring/Summer 2013 Part 1
Spring/Summer 2013 Part 2
Spring/Summer 2013 Part 3
Spring Summer 2013 Part 4